Pro Ranch Market

can be eaten by itself, on eggs, and in sandwiches with cheese among other things

Ok, so I bet you’re thinking right now “Why in the world would she be possessed to write about a small chain of supermarkets?”  Well my friend, it’s because Pro Ranch is not a typical supermarket.  When you walk in the door, it’s like stepping into a Mexican “mercado”: there are different stalls, vendors, even a restaurant and bar.  Outside for breakfast and lunch there is an open grill and daily specials, so you can order something like Chilaquiles (fried corn tortillas, chilis, mole, eggs, chicken, cheese, sour cream and refried beans) and watch it made for you right then and there (see above pics).

The most unique area of the market is the butcher stall.  Now many supermarkets have meat counters, but this one has stuff like “fresh” tripe, whole cows’ heads, pigs’ ears and chorrizo.  Not really things that speak to me or my stomach personally, but they are staples in many people’s diets in this part of the world.

Even if you don’t buy anything, it’s totally worth checking out Pro Ranch.  The smells make your stomach grumble and mouth water, the atmosphere very cool and unusual, the vendors’ stations are incredibly personal, and there are fantastic weekly deals on the freshest produce.  As an added bonus, it’s like a bilengual heaven for people like me who enjoy speaking Spanish outside the classroom, with real people and real situations, haggling, bargaining and just overall having a good time.

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