El Paso Museum of Art

The Museum of Art in El Paso, TX isn’t incredibly large, especially in comparison with some of the others I’ve visited, like the Prada in Madrid, but it does have one rather unique quality: the museum not only allows photography of the exhibits, but they actually encourage it!  You heard me correctly people, the staff and guards let you know a soon as you enter the building that you can take photos, as long as you don’t use the flash.  It’s like an art lover’s dream!  Almost everyone I passed in the museum had their camera in hand, taking photos of their favorite works of art.

There is one exception to this glorious rule, which is you can’t take pictures in the special exhibits because they’re on loan from either private collectors, artists or other museums.  Currently one othe most exciting special exhibits on display is that of the Cubism paintings of Diego Rivera.  Normally known for his marriage to Frida Kahlo and his murals, Rivera was also a Cubist artist, similar to Picasso, and the special exhibits contains some of his more famous cubism portraits.

By far the most controversial piece was “La Migra/The Border Patrol” by Suzanne Klotz (see above for full pic and below for close ups).  The incredibly tall piece pictured the Border Patrol as Lucha Libre (Mexican fighters) but decked out in red, white and blue, and had tons of images of skeletons, crosses and graves.

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