What I Love About Southwest Airlines

This week I traveled to Massachusetts for my little brother’s college graduation.  I generally prefer driving rather than being searched by security and squeezed in incredibly close proximity to complete strangers, but considering it would be a 36 hour drive and I have less than a week off from work, flying it is.

On the rare occasion I do force myself to board a plane, I prefer to travel via Southwest airlines.  It may not be the most spacious or glamorous, but here are a just a few reasons why I love it:

-On long flights, you get real snacks, not just peanuts and pretzels.  On my flight from Albuquerque to Baltimore, I got Ritz Bits Crackers with Cheese and Chips Ahoy cookies.  And they offered us seconds 🙂

-You not only get two carry-ons, but Southwest allows two checked bags for free too.  Quite handy and affordable when you’re carrying graduation, birthday or Christmas presents with you.

-Southwest is based in Albuquerque, NM, something which I just recently started appreciating.

-The flight attendants are hilarious.  My last flight attendant was Mike and he loved to joke around on the PA, saying things like “If you’re traveling with children…Why??”, “If you haven’t been in a car since 1960, this is what a seat belt looks like” and “The pilot is going to try something different, so you might want to buckle up.”

-There are no assigned seats, which means not only can you decide for yourself if you’d like to sit by the window, the aisle or in the middle, but if you’re a ‘through’ passenger on a connecting flight, you can change your seat to wherever you want once the other passengers get off the plane.

-There’s no first class.  As someone who can’t afford first class (being a broke grad student and all), I appreciate it when everyone are treated equally and in the same boat, so to speak.

-When we got off the plane in Hartford, CT, the flight attendants offered us free Mothers’ Day cards just in case we had forgotten the holiday was the next day.

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