El Paso Museum of Archaeology

The El Paso Museum of Archaeology is, unfortunately, quite predictable and boring.  The entire museum consists of a gift shop and two additional rooms: one of which had unrealistic looking models of ancient dwellings and the other had some typical artifacts (knife points, pots, etc.)

There were a couple, albeit small, redeeming points. First of all, the museum is free so I didn’t spend any money on the disappointment.  Secondly, there was a neat sabertooth skull (see above).  And finally, the drive was spectacular.  In order to get to the museum from either Texas or New Mexico, you have to drive on the Transmountain Drive through the Franklin Mountains, which are beyond gorgeous.  Unfortuantely driving west to east there are no places to pull over to take pictures and it really wouldn’t have been safe for me to drive the 8% grade with one hand while taking pics with the other, but I did manage to get a couple shots from outside the museum itself.

Speaking of outside the museum, there are a couple miles of nature trails on the grounds for interested parties, but I did not partake for two reasons: 1) my sunburn from Memorial Day is still quite painful looking (think lobster red) and 2) from the parking lot alone I saw at least 5 signs warning about the danger of snakes on the trail.  Most of the trails in this area have a sign at the trailhead warning about wildlife, but anywhere that needs that many Beware Of Snakes signs is just not somewhere I want to be.

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