The (Dog) Days of Summer

New Mexico in June is ridiculously warm.  There’s no humidity, for which my hair is eternally grateful, but last week there were five days in a row in the 100s and today it is supposed to get up to 106 degrees.  It’s the kind of heat that totally drains your energy and makes you want to sleep 16 hours at a time.  For those of you who, like me, aren’t used to such extreme sunstroke-type weather, here are some ideas.  Take them or leave them.

-If you have outside work or prefer to exercise outside, before 9am and after 7pm there’s still plenty of light and the temperature isn’t bad at all.

-Siestas are your friend.  When I studied abroad in Spain, we would take 2-3 hour siestas after lunch and then stay up a little later at night.  I know siestas unfortunately aren’t an option for when you have class all day or days when you work 9-5, etc., but taking siestas on your days off lets you sleep through the heat of the day and saves your energy for when it’s not so warm.

-For outdoor adventurists, if you’re hiking/rock climbing/biking, etc. a shorter distance, try avoiding the heat of the day.  For longer treks, brings LOTS of water, at least a bottle more than you think you need.  Fruit is a great idea as well, and maybe protein bars too.  Dehydration and heat stroke are very dangerous.

-Kleenex and chapstick are a must.  The longer I spend in the desert, the more new things I realize I’m allergic to lol.

-On a fun note, bring your camera along for the ride outside!  Although I’ve made my dislike for yucca plants pretty clear, the desert can be quite beautiful in its own way during the summer.You never know when you’ll have your own personal Kodac moment.

Suppposedly July and August aren’t as warm as June, but I guess I’ll have to see for myself!

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