Drive from Southern NM to Grand Canyon

This week I’m on vacation and traveling to 3 National Parks and visiting my friends H- and B-!!!

The first step was the drive to Grand Canyon National Park.  Normally I wouldn’t post about a drive but it was quite interesting for a number of reasons.

1) I had been up since noon the day before for work and left for the park at 4am.  By the time I finally passed out for the night I had been up for 31 hours straight.  To keep myself awake I rocked out to bands like Hawk Nelson, Journey, NeedtoBreathe and One Direction.  I only drank one Dr. Pepper (cutting down on the road trip junk food!) and fed my addiction to Ritz Bits sandwiches with Cheese 🙂

2) I enjoyed the beautiful scenery.  My GPS took me through Cibola National Forest, which is the first “real” forest I’ve seen since moving to NM.  There were gorgeous rock formations along the way and beautiful views.  Sorry, no pictures because I was too busy driving.

3) I learned that my GPS is possessed.  First of all, it took me down some highways rather than the interstate where I drove through several villages.  Not cities.  Villages.  When I turned my GPS back on after a small break at McDonalds it showed a totally different route.  I tried to get it back to the original one, but nothing doing.  So when I followed the new route it took me down neighborhoods – 15mph past people’s houses and kids playing in the yards.  It was super awkward.  Finally I found my way back to the interstate but it took awhile.

4) It was sprinkling rain half of the time which made the drive super pleasant, especially considering my car doesn’t have AC.

Keep reading this week for more posts about the trip!

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