Grand Canyon National Park – Mather Campground – Day #2

This is the night I decided the theme of the week was going to be rain.

As I already mentioned, it had rained some while I pitched my tent, but that, apparently, was only the tip of the iceberg.  Around midnight I was awoken by an incredibly large clap of thunder that sounded like it was right above me.  It poured for the next six hours, thundering and lightening the entire time.  For the first three hours, my tent was perfectly ok, although I was more than somewhat alarmed by the fact there was no space between the thunder and lightning, meaning I was directly in the middle of the tempest.

After about the three-hour mark, the tent started dripping a bit by my feet, which didn’t worry me too much considering it sounded like it had been raining not only cats and dogs, but elephants and ostriches too.  Then, however, it started leaking more heavily and finally the back half of the tent collapsed under the wind.

I huddled in the part of the tent still standing until there was a lull in the storm at which point I ran to my car to crash in there for the rest of the night.  My night just kept getting worse and worse, though, as I realized I had accidentally left the driver’s side  window open and it was totally soaked.  I quickly grabbed a towel from the trunk, wiped down everything and laid it on the seat to sit on (the back and passenger seats were full of my stuff for the trip and weren’t an option).  So I hunkered down in my car with a dry sweatshirt for the rest of the night just as the storm picked up again.

When the sun finally rose, the rain had slowed down to a drizzle and I left the car to take a look at the damage.  The tent was absolutely destroyed but I was consoled by the fact that so were some other people’s  and it could have been a lot worse.  My pillow was so wet, I wrung it out like a washcloth, but the sleeping bag was more-or-less alright.

I moved everything from the trunk to the back seat and filled the trunk with all the wet clothes and supplies – to be dried out once I reached Zion.

Up next…Leaving the Grand Canyon!

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