Zion National Park – Arriving at the Park – Day #2

I drove 4-5 hours to Zion National Park from the Grand Canyon in yet more rain which suddenly stopped the minute I hit Utah.

I should mention that the whole reason I took this vacation was to visit H- and her husband B-.  They’re working all summer in the park with an organization called ACMNP, A Christian Ministry in the National Parks.  Basically, they work all summer in the park like a normal employee (housekeeping, gift shop, cafe, etc.) earning money and they also lead a couple of worship services every Sunday.  The ACMNP team is in charge of everything, from music to sermon and they typically take turns doing each.  Usually the larger the park, the bigger the team.  Zion this year, for instance, had 4 members while Bryce Canyon, a smaller park, had 3.  H- had done ACMNP twice before at Yellowstone NP, but this is B-‘s 1st year.  H- gave me permission to include this link to her Zion team blog, which she keeps as part of her ACMNP team experience.

H- took the free shuttle into Springdale and met me at a gas station where we promptly hugged and squealed like friends who hadn’t seen each other in forever, which, of course, was the case 😀  She drove my car in and flashed her ID to get us in for free.  We then parked my car in the South campground, transferred my stuff to her car and headed into the canyon.

Zion NP is by far one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.  Unlike the Grand Canyon where you’re at the top peering down, in Zion you’re staying in the canyon and craning upwards towards the heavens.  It’s a miracle I didn’t get a crick in my neck ’cause I couldn’t stop looking up.  I hadn’t even explored any of the park and I could already tell it was going to be an amazing trip 🙂

Up next…My 1st hike in the park!

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