Zion National Park – Weeping Rock Trail – Day #2

After we unloaded my stuff and hung my wet things up to dry, H- and I stopped by the lodge to see where she works and to say to B- who was working.  We had an hour or so before he got off and we could go to dinner, so H- recommended we take the shuttle and do a short hike so I could see more of the park.

The trail she chose was Weeping Rock.  According to H- it’s one of the more popular trails for the tourists on buses who are just in Zion for a few hours because it’s close by and relatively short.

There are several “waterfalls” in the park but Weeping Rock is probably the most famous.  It has a continuous  flow of water, usually due to snow melt, and after it rains, there’s even more flowing water.  The trial itself is one-way uphill 1/4 of a mile which ends in a platform in a small alcove behind the weeping rock, similar to other alcoves behind waterfalls.  Not difficult at all, but a nice view and perfect for a couple of girls having a good time and catching up.

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