Zion National Park – Emerald Pools Trail – Day #2

After Weeping Rock, H- and I met up with B- and we had dinner in Springdale at a place called Oscar’s.  Side note: their Mahi Mahi fish tacos are flaky, light, fragrant and out of this world!  We then killed a little time in their room and B- recommended we do another small hike before sunset.

Emerald Pools trail is located across the road from the Zion lodge.  Right now the middle and upper pools are closed due to trail construction, but we could still get to the lower pool.  B- started off with a brisk pace and H- and I followed behind.  It was getting dark quickly, but we still stopped for a few pics along the way.

When I think of Emerald Pools, I automatically think of the pool by the same name in Yellowstone National Park that is large, clear and actually emerald color.  This Emerald Pool on the other hand was much smaller and definitely not as clear.  I’m trying to stay optimistic that maybe it reflects the sky in the middle of the day and looks more like its name.

3 thoughts on “Zion National Park – Emerald Pools Trail – Day #2

  1. I felt the same way about the Emerald Pools! We hiked up to the Mid Emerald Pools and it was a nice hike and we saw some pretty waterfalls. But the pools themselves? A bunch of muddy brown puddles of water as far as I’m concerned!

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