Bryce Canyon National Park – Scenic Overlooks – Day #4

After hiking through the hoodoos, we ate our packed lunches in the lodge, which was quite rustic with dark tones, and then we explored the gift shop a bit.  The girl in the gift shop was part of the ACMNP team for Bryce Canyon and she recommended we  drive up to the end of the road to the last stop and then work our way back, stopping at the scenic overlooks on the way.

The main road that goes through Bryce Canyon National Park is about 17 miles long and climbs up in elevation until you reach Rainbow Point.  We then traveled back down the road, stopping and taking pictures at most of the scenic overlooks.

Being at such a high elevation really started taking a toll on some of our party.  The elevation in Bryce is higher than in Zion; plus in Zion you spend most of your time on the canyon floor and occasionally climb upwards, while at Bryce it’s the complete opposite.  So by the end of our drive, we were not only hungry, but completely exhausted as well.  A good exhausted, though 🙂




One thought on “Bryce Canyon National Park – Scenic Overlooks – Day #4

  1. I took many of these same pictures but I went in March when there was still snow. We couldn’t go hiking unfortunately because of the snow. But it was still so beautiful! I remember the Natural Bridge. 🙂

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