Navajo National Monument – Day #5

After Glen Canyon, I drove another hour or so until I reached the Navajo National Monument.  H- and B- had stopped here on their way to Zion in May and they recommended I take a little time and check it out.  So I took the turn-off (making the little man on my GPS very angry), and drove the 9 miles to the Visitor’s Center.

After doing a standard cursory visit to the Visitor’s Center, I headed out the back porch area to see what else there was to see. The first thing I noticed were some dinosaur footprints (so cool!) and an informational sign about how dinosaurs were really prevalent in that area.

The next thing I saw was a replica of a sweathouse (top photo) and a hogan (bottom photo), which were/are traditional Navajo structures.

Finally, I did a small hike called Sandal Trail (appropriate since I was wearing flip flops).  The trail was one-way downhill and full of informational signs about the plants along the trail and how they’ve been used by the Navajo to survive in the desert.  The trail finally ended at a lookout point at the edge of a canyon with a small cliff dwelling on the other side.  The trail wasn’t long or difficult, but it was the perfect thing after being stuck in the car all morning.  There weren’t very many people hiking and it was just nice 🙂

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