The Organ Mountains – A Wide Perspective

*Forgive my absence the past couple weeks.  With school back in session and my work schedule in a temporary flux, it’s been difficult to travel or post, but now I’m back!

I’ve mentioned the Organ Mountains several times now in regards to some of my day-hiking trips, like Pine Tree Trail and Dripping Springs, but I’ve always focused more on the trails than the mountains themselves.

The Organ Mountains, although impressive from all sides, are the most recognizable and awe-inspiring when viewed from the west.  There you can see the spires which give the mountains their name, and there you can see the changing of colors from brown to dusky red to a deep purple as the sun sets beyond the horizon.  On the rare instance of snow in southern New Mexico, the ground in the valley may be covered in slippery slush, but the Organ Mountains are pristinely snow-topped, as if taken from a Christmas card.

It’s strange – coming from Tennessee with its rolling hills, I never could have imagined how living next to the Organ Mountains would have affected me.  They are a source of great beauty in a sometimes otherwise dry, dusty, mono-chromatic desert and they bring a smile to my face every day 🙂

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