It’s My Birthday! (And I’ll Eat Olive Garden If I Want To)

Happy Birthday to me!

I had originally planned on driving to El Paso, TX and doing some exploring – I have quite the long list of things I want to see/do.  However, the weather had other plans and decided to dump snow all day.  It wasn’t cold enough to stick to the roads, but it did manage to cover just about everything else while simultaneously making visibility a nightmare (*see below photo of the view through my window*).

snow day!

So instead, I spent the day (well, at least the hours of sunlight) doing some local shopping with Christmas/Birthday money and treated myself to my favorite restaurant of all time, Olive Garden 🙂  If the weather is any better tomorrow, I have some cool day travel plans ahead and if not, I’ll manage something else all the while being my ever kooky and creative self.

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