Pros and Cons of AAA

When I moved into my first off-campus apartment, my dad signed me up for AAA emergency road service.  He felt better knowing I had someone to call if I got stranded in the middle of the night on the side of the road and I felt more secure driving to and from work at night in a town with which I was completely unfamiliar.

I’ve had to use AAA a few times over the past couple years.  Thankfully I’ve never been stranded in the middle of the desert, but I have had a few instances where my battery was completely dead (once when my alternator finally gave up the ghost), I locked my keys in my car once when my roommate was out-of-town (super embarrassing), and then tonight my tire went flat and slipped off the rim, thankfully before I started driving with any kind of real speed.

While I sat in the car waiting on the technician and thinking about my diminishing paycheck, I came up with a little pro/con list.


-24hr service

-friendly people (everyone from phone operators to road technicians)

-free towing for up to 100 miles

-the fee is cheaper than having to call a tow truck or locksmith

-sometimes speedy, normally decent wait time (it took less than 15min when I locked my keys in the car)


-sometimes an extremely long wait (it took an hour and a half tonight even though the person on the phone said they would be there in 20min)

-waiting in the car in the elements (it is 27 degrees tonight, khakis are not that warm, and I didn’t want to keep the car running for an hour and a half)

-only 4 service calls per cardholder per year.  More than that costs extra

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