The Post-Exam Crash

We’ve all been there at one point; you have a massive all-important exam coming up.  You study for weeks, maybe months, all the while pouring over study guides and calling friends at odd hours of the day with last minute questions.  Finally exam day arrives.  You set five alarms to avoid oversleeping, eat a big breakfast, pack some snacks and lots of water and get down to it.

We all know the post-exam day syndrome as well.  You wake up feeling like you’ve been hit with a sledgehammer and then run over by a semi.  All you have the energy for is sleeping and eating fast food.  If you’re lucky, this only lasts one day, but usually the longer you’ve been worrying and stressing over the exam, the longer the post-exam crash lasts.

This is what happened to me this week.  I took the first set of Master’s exams last weekend and have therefore spent this entire week in an almost daze, my normal and routine schedule gone all to hell as my body and mind try to recuperate.

Good news: It’s over and done with and I’m getting back to normal.  

Bad news:  I now have about a month before the Oral Exams and I go through this cycle all over again.

…Oh well.  C’est la vie… 

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