Pine Tree Trail – Organ Mountains – Round Two!

Back and blogging once more!

Last week was my final Spring Break as a student and all week long I hung out with my Mom, a teacher whose Spring Break was the same week and flew out here to hang out with me for 10 days.  So now that she’s back home in Tennessee and I’m back in the groove of things school-wise, I thought I’d get caught up on my posts.  So here we go…

Something I’ve been talking about for a solid year is hiking Pine Tree Trail in the Organ Mountains again, but in the morning rather than the afternoon so I could get better pictures of the mountains instead of squinting into the sun the entire time.  The problem with this grand and glorious plan, however, was my utter hatred of early mornings and complete lack of motivation to get up before 9 on a morning when I didn’t have class or work.  My Mom, though, has no such aversion to mornings – she’s often up by 4am and she runs several miles in the wee hours before getting ready for school.  So, the first Saturday she was here, I dragged my butt out of bed around 6:30, got dressed and packed snacks for us both so we could get to the Aguirre Springs recreational area when they opened at 8am.

The drive itself was pretty nice, albeit a little hazy, and it was fun to point things out to Mom as we went down Highway 70.  Side note: like me, she does not see how the spires of the Organ Mountains are supposed to look like the instrument.  Glad I’m not alone.

I really couldn’t have asked for better weather for my Mom’s first Southwestern hike.  Sure, our legs were freezing at first and I was wearing a jacket, but we soon warmed up and the sky was great, perfect light for picture taking.  And it was fun to actually have someone to talk to for a change instead of just listening to my iPod.  She hates the yucca plants as much as I do  (long story, we used to have two in our old yard in TN that Dad would make us weed.  Total eye-sores.  My brother accidentally ran over one with the lawnmower and Mom said it sounded like he was coming through the house.).  And we both agreed that the 4 trail markers were a total joke and that some Girl Scout could get her Gold Award by properly marking the trails out here.  I’ve really missed that conversation and sarcastic banter. But with my crazy schedule, finding a hiking buddy has just been out of the question.

We didn’t try to make great time or break land-speed records – we even stopped at the halfway point for a small snack – but it was a really great first day of vacation, complete with a gorgeous backdrop.  Like I told Mom, I don’t think I could ever get tired of that view.

Random story Post Script:  When we got back into the car, it mysteriously wouldn’t start.  I managed to find someone who was just pulling in to the recreational area to give us a boost, but in the meantime, we talked to this ranger who, as it turns out, is from the same little town in Tennessee as me and Mom!  In fact he used to own a tattoo parlor there that we both remembered.  And apparently the day before, he talked to someone else from our hometown!  Such a small, small world.

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