Eli Young Band Concert – Graham Central Station, Las Cruces, NM

The week before Mom arrived for Spring Break, I was online researching Spanish-related activities and events my students could go to for my class when I saw on some obscure website that the Eli Young Band was going to be playing a concert the next Thursday.  Mom and I are huge fans of the band, especially songs like “Even if it Breaks Your Heart”, “Crazy Girl” and “Guinevere”, so we jumped on the chance to see them play live and rearranged our plans a bit so it would be possible.

The tickets we bought said the doors opened at 7pm, but there was no concert start time, not even online, so we figured the band would go on around 8pm or so.  The day of, we went to scope out the club since I’d never been, and then seeing that there was no line forming, went for ice cream and got back about 6:30 to start lining up with the others.

When the doors opened at 7 we were surprised that there weren’t more people there already, but we figured better spots for us!  Graham Central Station is actually a pretty cool place.  There are several different areas inside, but we were in the main room.  There was a big oval wooden dance floor in the middle surrounded by a rail almost all the way around.  On one side of the room was a decent sized stage considering and there were two bars on two of the other walls.  Around the room there were big screen TVs, guitars signed by what I can only assume were famous people, a mechanical bull and various elevated stations were later in the evening, girls in short shorts would stand and try to sell beer from the tap.  Try being the operative word in some of their cases.  Mom and I parked ourselves in front of the stage against the rail of the dance floor so we could have something to lean on.  That was unintentionally the best decision we could have made.

Time passed and it was obvious the concert wasn’t starting at 8, or even 9 for that matter.  We watched rodeo bull riding wipeouts on the big screens on some kind of loop, listened to the country songs playing overhead and marveled at the two-steppers on the dance floor.  Some were really, really good!  Slowly, but surely the crowd started filling in, making our place against the rail perfect since it gave our feet a rest and kept us from getting pushed around by people jostling for prime places.

Finally around 10-ish we saw some roadies getting the equipment and picks ready and the band went on 30-45 minutes later.  The concert was amazing!  Not only was the band fantastic live (and we all know not all bands are), but some of the really drunk/annoying people around us left after the second song and never came back, which let us move a little closer to the stage.  I sang my heart out to the songs I knew and just soaked up the ones I didn’t.  The whole thing was perfect.  Even getting home after midnight didn’t faze us, we were so energized from the concert, although we did adjust our next day plans so we could sleep a little later 🙂

Overall, fantastic concert, cool environment and great band to see/listen to live!

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