Consider This A Reboot…

Butterfly Tree Sculpture in Chicago

This will be my first post in about 7 months.  For anyone who followed this blog before my…hiatus, this is what you’ve missed out on during the past months.

  • Temporarily moved back home after graduating from grad school
  • Reconnected with friends I hadn’t seen in what felt like ages
  • Met a great guy, started to date
  • Found a job in Tennessee
  • Took a trip to Chicago to watch my mom run the half marathon
  • Broke up with said guy
  • Found an apartment and moved out of my parents house
  • Started an on-again, off-again relationship with the aforementioned guy (*currently off, but who only knows – we’re both young and the world is a strange, unpredictable place)
  • Made new friends, got settled in to my new place, started saving up money again
  • Began writing a novel during National Novel Writing Month (*it’s not done yet, though – still a work in progress)

I stopped traveling for awhile – it’s hard to travel when you’re spending all your time looking for jobs and/or spending all your money moving across the country.  You forget how expensive moving is in general – rent, deposits, U-Hauls, setting up utilities, new furniture, etc.

But I’ve not only missed traveling, I’ve missed blogging.  I’ve missed sharing things with others, not just writing in private where no-one will read any of it.  So, seeing as this is a new year, I’m starting up writing again.  Time to dust off my hiking pack, break out the GPS and see where life takes me.  It’s not always going to be somewhere glamorous (heaven knows, I can’t afford glamorous on a regular basis), but it will be fun and different.

I don’t believe so much in New Years resolutions, but I am going with a theme for 2014: healthy and happy.  And writing, traveling and experiencing new things go a long way in making me happy.

Molly's Cupcakes in Chicago

So consider this a reboot, if you will.

Here we go again…

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