Hillsboro Village – Nashville, TN

I have so many comp time hours built up at work, that I decided to take today off and make it a 3-day Super Bowl weekend.  The morning I spent around the house, but in the afternoon, I decided to drive down to Hillsboro Village – a 4-block neighborhood located between Vanderbilt University and Belmont University.

I parked at the historic Belcourt theater and walked down to Zumi Sushi.  I’m normally not a big fan of eating alone at restaurants, but I’ve been there before with B- and knew it’s pretty low key.  I sat at the bar with a book, ordered the cajun spider roll (top photo, right) and the red dragon roll (top photo, left), and enjoyed myself.  It’s weird, because I normally can’t stand avocado or tuna, but the red dragon roll was fantastic.  And the kiwi wasabi sauce drizzled on the roll and the plate was amazing all by itself.  I don’t eat sushi very often, but this hit the spot.

After sushi, I walked over to BookMan BookWoman to browse for a bit.  It’s a new and used bookstore in the neighborhood – they have just about everything you can imagine, plus some small couches to sit and read.  I didn’t buy anything today – just wasn’t in the mood – but I could easily spend hours looking around.  There are books on top of books, books in front of books, books on the floor, books piled on top of the bookshelves, books in alcoves, etc.  The only thing I don’t like about BookMan BookWoman is how cramped it is.  According to their website they have over 100,000 books and they’re all crammed into basically two small store fronts put together.  Add in the small couches and it gets difficult to pass anyone else down the aisles.

An hour or so of perusing later and ultimately deciding not buy a book on the Bronte sisters, I walked next door to Provence Breads and Cafe for an eclair and a Peach French cream soda.  The atmosphere of the cafe was was nice and relaxed, and I was able to finish my book while enjoying my snack.

The rest of the afternoon I spent looking around at the little shops in the Village.  All were way above my paygrade, but Pangaea was my favorite – there were some adorable pillows with Spanish phrases on them, but they would be just too much of a splurge for me to justify to myself right now.  Maybe for a birthday sometime down the road 🙂

Over all, not a bad way to pass a free afternoon.

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