Snow Day! Kinda. Maybe.

I received a group text this morning saying that due to the weather, our boss decided to close the office today.

This is Tennessee’s version of a snow day:

Granted, there’s more ice than snow, but still, I’m really surprised so many businesses were closed today.  Thrilled, but surprised.

2 thoughts on “Snow Day! Kinda. Maybe.

  1. Hahaha this is hilarious! Reminds me of how everybody freaked out in Atlanta over a dusting of snow and a little ice. I know you guys down there aren’t used to it and don’t have snow tired or shovels or salt.

    But it seriously makes me roll my eyes when compared to the problems we’ve been facing this winter! We are very low on salt, there are limited shovels to be found in stores, and ice is falling off of skyscrapers injuring people. Not to mention the horrific condition of the roads with all the potholes (it’s really bad and sort of funny seeing all the cars weave in and out trying to avoid them). I could go on but you get the picture. We were supposed to get more snow today but luckily the storm went south and decided to snow on DC instead.

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