Lake Trail – Radnor Lake State Park

Radnor Lake
Radnor Lake

This weekend, we finally got some nice weather and a break from winter, so I decided to take advantage and drove down to Radnor State Park for some hiking.  This is the first time I’ve been hiking since January 1st Hikes, so I figured I’d take it easy at first and work my way up again.

For anyone who’s never been, the location for Radnor Lake State Park is very weird.  Usually with sizable state parks (and national parks too, for that matter), there’s a little space between the modern world and the entrance to the park.  That’s not the case with Radnor Lake.  It’s located in Brentwood, TN, which is a very posh suburb of Nashville, so when you’re driving to the park it’s like this: big house, mega church, big house, mini-mansion, mini-mansion, golf course, big house, and *Bam* you’re in the park!  Once you’re inside, though, it’s like the outside world no longer exists.

After parking and visiting the Nature Center for a trail map, I walked over to the trail head for the Lake Trail, located behind the Nature Center.  *Note: the Nature Center is the last bathroom before you hit the trails – plan accordingly.

Radnor Park’s Lake Trail is one-way, and including the short spillway trail from the Nature Center to the trail head, it’s 1.65 miles,  more or less flat the entire way.  Of all the trails I did that day, this was the easiest and the most popular – there were families with small children, seniors, groups of friends and solo hikers.

What I loved the most about the Lake Trail was how peaceful it was – the lake was gorgeous, there were an abundance of animals (turkeys and squirrels especially), and despite all the people, there wasn’t a lot of noise.  After the incredibly stressful past couple weeks I’ve had, this was the absolute perfect way to relax.  I can’t speak for anyone else, but when I’m feeling stressed or worried, I need to get out and be in nature.  I turned off my cell phone, left my iPod in my backpack and just let myself unwind.

6 thoughts on “Lake Trail – Radnor Lake State Park

  1. Ah wild turkeys! They used to hang out in my backyard a few years ago. Now all we have is an overabundance of deer my dad likes to scare off every time they wander in (which is almost a daily occurrence). I

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