South Lake Trail – Radnor Lake State Park

I probably should have stopped after finishing South Cove Trail – like I said, I haven’t been hiking in about 3 months and I’m working on getting back into shape – but the weather was so nice, and I really wanted to pack as much in as I could before the rain hit the next morning, so I decided to take South Lake Trail next.

Creatively named just like Lake Trail, South Lake Trail is, you guessed it, a trail on the south side that follows the lake.  It has the exact same trail head as South Cove Trail, so it’s really convenient to hike them both back-to-back.

The trail runs parallel to Otter Creek Rd. and the lake the majority of the time, before briefly cutting inwards and then finishing up next to the lake again.  Like South Cove Trail, there isn’t a lot of foot traffic, so it’s very quiet and peaceful.  Unlike South Cove Trail, however, it’s only .9 miles one-way and doesn’t have any switchbacks, which I was incredibly grateful for.   Also, even though it runs parallel to Otter Creek Rd., it’s at least 10 ft higher, so if you’re in to photography, it’s your best bet to get some interesting photos of the lake from a different angle.

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