Otter Creek Road – Radnor Lake State Park


If you want to get outside and enjoy nature, but you’re more of a paved surface walker/jogger rather than a hiker, Otter Creek Rd. is the choice for you in Radnor Lake State Park.  The road runs through the length of the park along the lake, and is the only place in the park where you’re allowed to jog, bicycle or take your pets.  The park is in the process of fixing up parts of the road that have started to erode away, but the few cracks in the pavement didn’t seem to bother anyone I came across.

I was pretty tired after finishing South Lake Trail, my third hike of the day, so I decided to take Otter Creek Rd. back to the Nature Center and call it a day hiking-wise.  I  treated the mile walk from the trail head to the car as a cool-down period, like you would after running on a treadmill.  I took some more photos and stretched (although my glutes were still sore the next day).


Overall, it was a great day for a hike (or in my case, several), and the perfect way for me to get back to the outdoors now that winter is over.

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