A Little About Me for a Change

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As a writer, it’s practically impossible to put words to paper and not reveal a little about yourself.  Part of what makes travel writing so interesting to read, for example, is not just the descriptions or the pictures, but how the journey affects the author.

I say all of this to explain I’m a very private person.  True, I’ve had posts about my road trip musical preferences, my goals  now that I’m 27, and some of my hobbies, but if you look closely, you’ll see I’m intentionally very careful: I’ve never revealed my name or the names of any of my friends, I don’t post pictures of myself, and for the longest time when I was out west, I was even vague about where I lived (I did eventually relax a bit about that, however).

Lately, though, I feel more in a sharing kind of mood.  I’m still not going to share a picture of myself (sorry, but it’s for your own good – I’m really not that photogenic), but here are some interesting things (at least in my opinion) you might want to know about me:

Number of Places I’ve Lived: 10 states and (last I checked) 27 individual moves

Countries I’ve Visited: Bahamas, Spain and Mexico

Places I Want to Visit in the Next 5 Years: New England (United States), Pacific Northwest (United States), Vancouver (Canada), the United Kingdom, and a country (or more) in South America, possibly Argentina, Chile or Brazil

Languages: Fluent – English and Spanish; Conversational – Portuguese; Basic Phrases – French, German and Italian

Favorite Book: The Count of Monte Cristo – I own 4 different copies!

(Current) Favorite Songs (*Subject to Change): “Destination” and “21st of May” by Nickel Creek, “Friday Night” by Eric Paslay, “Bottoms Up” by Brantley Gilbert

Favorite Things to Do on a Lazy Day: hang out with friends, sleep, catch up on a good book and/or turn off my phone and go on a day hike

Things That Gross Me Out: sponges (the kind people do dishes with) and feather dusters

Nerdiness: I own hundreds of books; I read Shakespeare for fun; occasionally the Linguistics major in me pops out and I start analyzing words for no particular reason; I am the Queen of Star Wars Trivial Pursuit

Favorite Quote: “All human wisdom is contained in these words – ‘Wait and Hope’.” – Alexander Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo

One thought on “A Little About Me for a Change

  1. Ha, sounds like we’d get along. I don’t talk about it much on my blog but I am a voracious reader as well–not so much of Shakespeare but I pretty much read anything under the sun that catches my eye.

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