“Meat Ya in Centennial Park”

When I have super stressful and time consuming weeks at work, I try to make a conscious effort the next weekend to get out, breathe fresh air and mingle with real people.  This morning my excuse to get out of my apartment and mingle was “Meat Ya in Centennial Park”, an event hosted by 12th and Broad.  For a small fee, it was all you could eat food from a half a dozen restaurants around town, live music, some booths (i.e. t-shirt screening,  coffee, merchandise, etc.), giant-sized Jenga, and just generally relaxing fun.

My favorite food of the day came from two places: The Row Kitchen & Pub and Riffs Fine Street Food.  The Row had some fantastic pulled pork with spicy barbecue sauce.  Riffs was the big surprise for me, though.  They offered the only vegetarian option of the day – barbecue jackfruit, with a squash fritter, roasted corn and kale, tomato aioli and sweet potato fired chips.  It was SOOO delicious!  If the line hadn’t been freakishly long, I would’ve just kept going back again and again.

One of the booths I didn't eat at - I bet you can guess why
One of the booths I didn’t eat at – I bet you can guess why



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