Great Smoky Mountains National Park – Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail – Day #5

The last day of my trip to the Smokies, I packed up my campsite (the bottom of the tent was, of course, muddy from days and days of rain, so I packed it very loosely to later dry it out in the sun at home) and headed out for the last time.  My right foot (and blister) were still very tender from the day before, so instead of hiking, I ultimately decided on Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail, which would allow me to do less walking but still enjoy the mountains.  In addition, I’ve never been on Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail before because it’s closed during the winter (for reasons that became obvious once I started), so this was the perfect time to try something new without hurting myself.


Named after the Roaring Fork mountain stream, the motor trail is 6 miles one-way down a very skinny paved road.  Driving up into the mountains, it allows for some stunning views, as well as some simplistic, quiet moments that still screamed photo-op.

There weren’t many people along the length of the motor trail when I was there, so it gave the feeling that I was there during the off-season instead of a Friday in June 🙂



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