Downstream Trail and Twin Falls Overlook – Rock Island State Park

*Author’s Note: This is a trip I took around 2 months ago, but just now got around to posting.  I guess I was waiting on a rare moment of inspiration 🙂


This is another hike I did with my dad.  Unlike like the hike we did at Burgess Falls State Park, absolutely nothing was planned, resulting a rare (at least for me) spontaneous mini-trek.  As a matter of fact, the choice to do the Downstream Trail at the Twin Falls Overlook was less of a thought out decision and more of a ‘Wow, this place is busy, so let’s stop at the first trailhead where we can find parking’ kind of thing.

What I remember most about the trip, aside from the falls themselves, is the young couple who decided to climb up on the rocks behind the falls.  My dad and I, as well as the couple next to us, just stood and stared, in a sort of disbelief that they could be that reckless.  If they had fallen, even if they managed to avoid smashing their heads and other vital body parts on the rocks, the currents would have swept them under.  Thankfully, they managed to get back down to safety, but those of us on the shore collectively held our breaths as we watched them navigate their footing on the slippery rocks.

We hiked the whole length of the trail (3.6 miles round trip), and I would love to go back to Rock Island State Park sometime this summer to hike some more trails and take more photos!

Little Falls
Little Falls

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