Bicentennial Mall State Park – Nashville, TN

Bicentennial Mall is…odd.  I realize that’s not an incredibly descriptive word, but I think anyone who’s been there will agree with me.  When you think about state (or even national) parks, they’re usually established because of the area’s natural beauty, for recreation purposes, or because the area has some sort of historical significance.  Now I suppose “recreation” is a rather vague term, but Bicentennial Mall is basically a large rectangle of grass surrounded by an amphitheater on the South side, the Nashville Farmer’s Market and the “Pathway of History” (a 1400 ft wall with state history facts) on the West side, giant columns and a circular plaza on the North side, and a walkway and various fauna on the East side.


One thought on “Bicentennial Mall State Park – Nashville, TN

  1. Well it’s very landscaped for a national park but it’s kind of like the National Mall in DC which spans from the Lincoln Memorial to the US Capitol. It’s long stretches of lawn and trees planted in a row, with a few monuments thrown in and is also a national park. Bicentennial Park is probably modeled after the DC National Mall.

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