Nashville Farmer’s Market

One of my favorite things to do on a Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon if I don’t have plans is to drive down to the Nashville Farmer’s Market and walk around.  I love to cook and bake in my free time, so being outside, surrounded by all the fresh produce with all the sights and smells is inspiring and invigorating for me.

There’s three distinct parts to Nashville’s Farmer’s Market: (1) the produce and local farmers section, where you can find fruits, vegetable, cheese, jams, honey, and meat, (2) the ‘artsy craftsy’ section, with things like homemade soaps, purses, and ceramics, as well as t-shirts, blankets, etc., and (3) the indoor area, which separates the other two sections and is made up of an International Market, about a dozen incredibly diverse restaurants, and a food court.  Generally I stick to browsing through and buying the fresh produce (not a big fan of buying overpriced crafts I can make at home), but occasionally I’ll go inside and check out one of the restaurants in an attempt to expand my palate 🙂


Caribbean jerk chicken, yellow rice and green beans
Caribbean jerk chicken, yellow rice and green beans

My last trip, I bought some jams and salsa from the Nashville Jam Company booth (the raspberry jalapeno jam is delicious! Just enough heat to feel a small kick, but full of flavor).  I also picked up some fresh blueberries (to make blueberry muffins) and some honey apple peach cobbler (just because I could, lol).

It’s not a vacation destination, but for anyone in the area, the Nashville Farmer’s Market is a relaxing experience and a great source for culinary inspiration.



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