My Rhode Island Vacation – A Brief Preface

My friend B- recently received his commission as an officer in the Navy, so he and his wife H- are currently stationed in Newport, Rhode Island for the next six months or so.  This is the same couple I visited when they worked in Zion National Park, not to mention H- is one of my best friends, so once they got settled in their new house in Newport, they extended the invitation for me to come visit, and I gladly accepted.

I have to admit, prior to this trip the entire extent of my knowledge of Rhode Island amounted to this: (1) It is the smallest state in the U.S., (2) It boarders Massachusetts and Connecticut, (3) Rhode Island was the first colony to declare its independence from British rule, and (4) It was also the last of the original 13 colonies to ratify the U.S. Constitution.  Not much, I know.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover Newport is located on an island (Aquidneck Island, to be exact), so there’s tons of huge bridges, rocky shores and stunning beaches.

Not a bad location for a vacation!

Authors’s Note: Normally when I go on a multi-day vacation, I make my posts ‘Day #1’, ‘Day#2’, etc., but that won’t be the case with these vacation posts. Since I’m visiting friends, quite a bit of my time has been spent relaxing (i.e. watching a movie, making fish tacos with fresh cod and a homemade low-fat cheesecake, and attending a shrimp boil with some of B-‘s Navy buddies and their families).  

2 thoughts on “My Rhode Island Vacation – A Brief Preface

  1. Oh Newport! That’s sort of close to my neck of the woods. We did a weekend up there as a family and visited some of the fancy mansions, including The Breakers.

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