Disney World – Epcot


After spending around 6 hours exploring Animal Kingdom, my dad and I used the park hopper pass to drive over to Epcot, where we stayed until midnight.  Epcot has two main sections: Future World and the World Showcase.


Outside the Epcot Aquarium
Outside the Epcot Aquarium
"Sharkbait Ooh Ha Ha"
“Sharkbait Ooh Ha Ha”

Future World is where you find the rides of Epcot – no roller coasters, but some very cool attractions nonetheless, like Spaceship Earth (located in the giant sphere at the Epcot entrance), Soarin’ (a hang glider simulation), and Test Track (where you design your own car and take it on a Sim Track).  My personal favorite was Mission: Space, which is voiced by Gary Sinise and lets riders simulate a space shuttle mission to Mars, including G-forces.


The World Showcase is probably the thing for which Epcot is best known.  Eleven pavilions representing eleven different countries and cultures: Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, United States, Japan, Morocco, France, United Kingdom, and Canada.  Dad and I ate dinner in Italy, where I had the best lasagna of my entire life.  I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s actually a lot of fun to text an ex-boyfriend from Paris, or drink a beer at Oktoberfest in honor of your German-speaking roommate back home.











We wrapped up the evening at Epcot by taking in the Candelight Processional – a Disney tradition around Christmastime that see a different celebrity every night narrate the biblical Christmas story, backed by a symphony and choir.  Our night the celebrity narrator was Levar Burton (i’m not going to lie – I had a total fangirl moment when he first came out.  Star Tek!  Reading Rainbow!  What’s not to love?!?).


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