Grasslands Loop – Mission Trails Regional Park, San Diego, CA


The last hike H- and I did before my trip to San Diego came to an end was the Grasslands Loop in Mission Trails Regional Park.  One of our previous hikes – Cowles Mountain – was also located inside Mission Trails.  We didn’t choose the 1.2-mile Grassland Loop because of vistas like on Cowles Mountain, but rather because we brought her little baby with us for his first official hike and H- and I thought it might be wise to stick with something relatively flat and short since she was going to have to carry him the entire way.


Since it’s a loop, there are a few different trailhead options, but we ultimately decided on the Old Mission Dam since there were good parking options and the dam seemed like it could be an unusual point of interest to check out as well.  I think I was expecting a dam in the sense of what I’m used to seeing in Tennessee and Kentucky – a large, imposing structure over 100ft tall.  This was absolutely miniature in comparison, but very peaceful, with several people fishing and picnicking on the bank.


The trail itself was nothing special.  There were a few nice moments (for lack of a better word), but it made for a relaxing hike, H- handled the carrier like a pro, and, most importantly, the little one was a natural 🙂






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