Warner Woods Trail – Percy Warner Park


I had vacation days I had to use or lose, so I took a few days off and on day #1, decided to spend part of it continuing on my exploration of the Warner Parks.  The only long (more than 1 mile) trail that I hadn’t done yet was Warner Woods Trail in Percy Warner Park.


At 2.5 miles in length, Warner Woods Trail starts at the same trailhead as Mossy Ridge Trail (the Deep Well entrance), but veers off in the complete opposite direction.  Like Mossy Ridge, it’s also a loop, but less strenuous/taxing.  My asthma was acting up, so I sounded a bit like Darth Vader anytime I had to climb a hill, but beginning a vacation with hiking made it worth it.


The hike itself was beautiful.  Plenty of shade, which I greatly appreciated, as well as a a trail made primarily of dirt, not rocks or roots, which is ideal for hikers’ feet, in my humble opinion.  I even saw an owl, which made myself and two other ladies very excited (the usual animal suspects in this area are typically deer, squirrels, and wild turkey).


I was surprised by how many other people I saw on the trail, considering it was the middle of the day.  A few people looked like they might be retirement age, but there were several middle age women, and even a few people my age as well.  I did discover that the trail goes near a golf course (there’s second trailhead over there), so I suppose that could account for some of the additional mid-day foot traffic.  There were also fewer trail runners than I’d seen on any other Warner trail, but that may have been due to the time of day and the heat.  Oh the heat!  By the end of the hike, I was disgustingly sweaty to the point where my arms and legs were completely slick.  Aside from the sweat, though, I felt fantastic!  Nothing like a hike in the woods to rejuvenate you 🙂


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