Hike #7 of 52 – High Ridge Trail – Bledsoe Creek State Park, TN


After all of the Harpeth River hikes the day before, I continued my mini-vacation from work with a second day of hiking – this time at Bledsoe Creek State Park.  My Mom says we went there once before when I was younger and both of us got eaten alive by insects, but having zero memory of any of that, everything felt brand new to me.

Parking at the Visitor’s Center, I walked 0.25 miles on the paved Mayo Wix Memorial Trail until I reached the trailhead for the 1.3 mile (one-way) High Ridge Trail.  Despite its name, the trail started off relatively flat, almost like it was luring hikers into a false sense of ease.  However, after approximately half a mile, the gradient started increasing steadily.  I didn’t even realize how high the ridge had climbed until almost to the end of the trail when I had to climb down a very steep, long set of stairs.  Not going to lie – really glad I was going down the stairs and not up them.  For me personally, I’m never a huge fan of climbing, but there’s just something worse about climbing stairs than climbing a steep trail sans stairs.  I know it’s all mental, but still.

In spite of all of the cars parked at the Visitor’s Center and the fact that it was the middle of summer break for local schools, I didn’t come across a single other hiker on the ridge trail.  The weather was unseasonably cool for Tennessee as well, which I’m never going to complain about, for the record.  All in all, this trail is perfect for solo hikers needing a break from other people, as well as for groups/families looking for a fun, but not too strenuous activity to do together.

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