Hike #9 of 52 – Cedar Run Trail – Cedars of Lebanon State Park, TN


Cedars of Lebanon State Park is another one of those state parks that even though it’s not too far from Nashville, I’ve only been to once before.  It’s part of the Cedars of Lebanon State Forest and is so named because of the presence of all of the Eastern Red Cedar trees.  I was already in the Lebanon, TN area that afternoon, so I thought I would pop on over before it got too dark.  I chose Cedar Run Trail after checking out the park’s website because at 2 miles in length, it seemed just right – not so short that I would feel like I hadn’t done anything, but not so long that I would need to bring more gear.

The weather was in the upper 70s (another cool front!) and, aside from an older looking couple starting the trail as I was finishing and who were each wearing enough layers to comfortably summit a mountain, there was not another soul in sight.  Unlike Lower Loop Trail, which irritated me by simply being a giant loop around an unremarkable field, the loop that is Cedar Run Trail weaved in and out of glades and wooded areas, making the experience so much more enjoyable.  I will say that there were a few moments that just by looking at the trail, it might be a touch confusing as to which way you’re supposed to go, but there are bright-colored markers throughout the length of the hike to keep everyone on the right path.

One of the more delightful parts of the hike were all of gorgeous flora along the way.  I’m not the type of person who knows anything about flowers or plants, so if you recognize one of these, feel free to let me know 🙂

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