Hike #10 of 52 – Sedge Hill Trail – Beaman Park – Joelton, TN


In my continuing quest to explore new hiking trails this year, my travels led me to Joelton, TN and Beaman Park.  Quite frankly, the only time I had heard of Joelton before was in winter on the news when they would have snow and therefore cause the rest of the county to get out of school, despite not a single patch of ice to be found elsewhere.  I took this as a good sign, thinking there had to be some elevation difference somewhere out there.  Aside from that thought, however, I went into these series of hikes completely blind.

Sedge Hill Trail is a .6-mi one-way (1.2-mi roundtrip) hike that connects the Beaman Nature Center to the rest of the park and other trails.  Starting at the base of the main parking lot, the trail starts off relatively flat along the ridge, until it descends quickly via a couple of switchbacks, ending at the creek and connecting with the Henry Hollow Loop Trail.  Honestly, this trail is more of a bookend for the longer ones located further into the park, but it’s pleasant, which is always a plus.


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