Hike #11 of 52 – Henry Hollow Loop Trail – Beaman Park – Joelton, TN


I reached the trailhead of the 2-mi Henry Hollow Loop via Sedge Hill Trail, and opted to head towards the right.  I recently heard on the radio that most people when given that choice turn to the right, which is why grocery and department stores put expensive and tantalizing items in that direction – basically if you want to save money at the store, turn left when you go in the door.  I went right, however, not because of an innate instinct, but because I was planning on temporarily diverging from the trail later on to complete the Ridgetop Trail and finishing the rest of Henry Hollow Loop afterwards.  Starting to the right would mean that after finishing Ridgetop Trail, I would only have .7-mi left to finish the loop on already tired legs, instead of the longer 1.3-mi I would have had left to complete going the other way.


The loop started off flat by following Henry Creek, but after passing the turnoff to the second, and smaller, parking lot, the trail eventually took a turn back into the woods and I quickly began climbing the ridge.  The “climb” itself was only approximately half a mile in length and roughly 200ft in elevation, so nothing too difficult.  At the top, Henry Hollow Loop actually joins up with Ridgetop Trail for a little over a quarter of a mile before they go their separate ways permanently.


After my detour down Ridgetop Trail, which you can read about here, I finished Henry Hollow Loop by heading .7-mi down the ridge, back towards the creek and the trailhead.  I was surprised with how skinny the trail got – at one point, passing another hiker going the opposite way felt like a game of twister as we navigated our way around each other without getting tangled up in each other or the brush too much.  The skinniness of the trail, plus the thickness of the growth almost made me fantasize like I had been transported to a jungle or forest, albeit a tamer one where the most dangerous thing I might encounter would be poison ivy or a cottonmouth snake instead of a large predator.  Side note: a couple hiking in the other direction did tell me they saw a rat snake on the path, but the largest thing I saw that day was just a small lizard.


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