Hike #12 of 52 – Ridgetop Trail – Beaman Park – Joelton, TN


Like I mentioned in my post about Henry Hollow Loop Trail, Ridgetop Trail follows the same path for a little over a quarter of a mile, and then diverges completely for the remainder of the 2.1-mi one-way trail.  Since I was already out there, it made much more sense to temporarily diverge from Henry Hollow Loop in order to hike Ridgetop Trail than it would be to make a whole separate trip another time.  At the divergent point, there was a second option to take a shortcut trail instead, but part of what I love about hiking is getting away from it all and embracing the outdoors.  Therefore I rarely take shortcut options, and only if I’m hurting.

The trail was again very skinny with slight hills, but there were a few places where I had to climb over precariously fallen trees.  The trail abruptly ended at the 2.1 mile mark in a clearing with a few benches in a circle.  The benches looked like they had seen better days and had ants or termites crawling all over them, so while I didn’t sit, I did take off my pack for a few minutes to rest.  Sadly there was no view to speak of at the turn-around point, but it’s possible there might be in the winter without all of the foliage in bloom.

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