Hike #16 of 52 – Ganier Ridge Trail – Radnor Lake State Park, TN

After some rainy days and days with familial obligations, I finally had a free clear sky day to hike.  Quite frankly, I probably got started too late in the day in terms of the heat (gotta love heat indexes in the 100s), but I correctly assumed that choosing Radnor Lake would offer sufficient tree cover and cool lake breezes to provide relief from the sun.  Considering the heat, I was surprised to see how busy the trails were, but I suppose all of us had the same idea.

The first trail I tackled upon arriving was Ganier Ridge, a 1.65-mi one-way trail with quite a steep climb on both sides.  I’ve done this trail before, but not in a long time due partially to the climb, but mostly due to the lack of visual pay-off – despite being one of the highest points in Davidson County, TN, there’s no view of any kind at the top due to the tree cover.  However, the trail itself is quite lovely.  If you’re going to hike Ganier Ridge, I definitely recommend plenty of water for everyone, and make sure to listen to your body.  There are plenty of benches along the length of the trail and there’s no shame in sitting if you need a breather from the climb.


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