Hike #17 OF 52 – South Lake Trail – Radnor Lake State Park, TN

After descending from Ganier Ridge, I stretched my legs by moseying around Radnor Lake via the Lake Trail/Otter Creek Road at a relaxed pace before hopping onto South Lake Trail on the westernmost trailhead.  South Lake Trail is a 0.9-mi trail that follows alongside Otter Road for the most part, while also dipping back further in the woods from time-to-time.  It has the distinct advantage of being much less crowded that Otter Creek Road, but hikers can still see the lake through the trees and feel the cool breezes.  Plus, there are 4 points along the length of the trail where you can hop on/off for your convenience.  On the other hand, it’s not as easy as the flat, paved Otter Creek Road, but it’s by no means difficult either.

On this particular day, despite the bustling activity on Lake Trail (I swear I’ve never seen that many soccer moms with baby backpacks in one place at the same time in my life), South Lake Trail was practically abandoned.  During my hike, I only came across one other woman going the other way; although I did see a few people pause at the various trail access points, as if weighing to themselves whether or not they felt like tackling the challenge.  Despite the lack of human presence, I didn’t feel entirely alone – not only did I see a family of turkeys with several babies, but there were bright blue butterflies everywhere!

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