Hike #23 of 52 – Gatlinburg Trail – Great Smoky Mountains National Park


The day after hiking Mt. LeConte, Mom and I were very tired and quite sore, so we actually spent the majority of the day window shopping in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, stretching out of legs and purchasing a few small things here and there that you can’t find anywhere else.  However, Mom was training for two half marathons later in the month, so she decided to trail run the 2-mi one-way Gatlinburg Trail, which goes from a small parking area at the entrance of the park (and only a couple of blocks from our hotel) to the Sugarland’s Visitor Center.  I agreed to go with since I needed the excercise, but told Mom to go ahead of me since (a) she’s faster, and (b) I was still sore and would be doing some sort of trail run/walking/hobbling combo.


Since I was running/power walking the majority of the time (minus my quick bathroom stop at the Visitor’s Center), I wasn’t able to take many photos.  The trail is definitely not flat, though, in case anyone assumed easy = flat.  There were actually several small hills and continuous inclines.  It made for a great workout, though; so much so that Mom and  I did it again before we left!  I would highly recommend the Gatlinburg Trail for anyone staying in town, needing a place to either run or stretch their legs away from the busy streets.

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