Hike #25 of 52 – Little River Trail to Cucumber Gap – Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The night before our last day in the Smokies, Mom and I started marking off hikes she and I had done together over the years in our guidebook and realized that there was a noticeable gap in the Elkmont area of the park.  I had spent some time exploring Elkmont several years ago, but Mom had never been and I was happy to go back.  Therefore, the next morning we packed up and headed in that direction.

Since our plan was to hike in the morning, get lunch in Gatlinburg, and then start the journey home, we decided our best course of action in terms of hiking would be to do a loop of sorts, starting with The Little River Trail.  As the name suggests, the Little River Trail follows the Little River along a mostly gravel path along an easy, steady gradient.  The trail is very popular and we saw dozens of other hikers, most likely due to a combination of the proximity to the Elkmont campsite, as well as the gorgeous weather.  Despite all of the people, however, the trail was very quiet.

At 2.2-mi, we reached Husky Branch Falls, which is less of a waterfall and more of a small cascade.  We stopped to take a quick snack and photo break, before continuing on to the junction with Cucumber Gap Trail at the 2.3-mi mark.  Several of the people who had been walking within eye-sight of us the entire time stopped at the junction, but we continued on to the next trail…

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