Hike #32 of 52 – Warner Woods Trail – Percy Warner Park

After a relatively lazy Sunday morning of laundry and watching football on TV, I knew that courtesy of daylight savings time ending recently, there wasn’t a lot of sunlight remaining in the day if I wanted to get out and breathe some fresh air.  The recent Full Moon Hike got me thinking about the Warner Parks and wanting to go back there sooner rather than later.  I arrived at Percy Warner Park with a little more than two hours til sundown and opted for the 2.5-mi Warner Woods Trail loop.

My original thought was I would trail run since I still needed to get a run in for the day.  However, I quickly realized the loop was still too steep in parts and generally too technical for my current level of trail running ability.  I therefore hiked the majority of it, but still practiced a bit of trail running on some of the flat sections and a few of the lesser technical downhills.  I can definitely tell I’m in better shape, though, since the very first time I tackled the same trail.  Much less huffing and puffing 😉

There’s just something about fall that makes it my favorite season for hiking.  I think it’s the combination of the cool, crisp air and the way the light hits the changing leaves.  I’m apparently not alone in this love of the season because the trail was packed with other hikers and trail runners throughout the entire loop.

One small word of caution for anyone who decides to tackle Warner Woods Trail for the first time: there are two different trailheads, as well as various paved multi-trails where people can enter the loop.  Pay attention to where you enter so you don’t get lost and confused later!  I had to stop and help three different people on Sunday who had been wandering in circles and couldn’t figure out how to get back to where they had entered.

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