Hike #33 of 52 – Cane Connector Trail – Warner Parks

After the hike on Warner Woods Trail, I had some daylight left and still needed to get in a proper run, so I drove less than a mile to the Edwin Warner Park Nature Center and set out on the 1-mi one-way Cane Connector Trail, which runs from the Nature Center to the Mossy Ridge Trail in Percy Warner Park, connecting the two parks (hence the name).  Even though the sun was close to setting, the Warner Parks are open until 11pm daily and I had on reflective clothing, as well as had a light on me if I needed to use it towards the end of the run.

The trail itself wasn’t very difficult to navigate, but there is one road crossing as you make your way from one park to another.  There were also a few skinny bridges with stairs in order to cross over small creeks, which could potentially throw someone off their trail running rhythm , especially if you meet anyone on them, but aside from one other runner who passed me heading into the Mossy Ridge Trail, I didn’t come across another soul.

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