Hike #37 of 52 – Fort Grainger Trail – Pinkerton Park – Franklin, TN

Unintentionally continuing the Civil War theme of Stones River National Battlefield, I stopped by Pinkerton Park while in Franklin, TN recently and tackled the 1.1-mi Fort Grainger Trail.  Fort Grainger was constructed by the Union Army during 1863 as a fortification against possible Confederate guerrillas and local unrest.  Nowadays, there’s nothing left resembling a fort, but there is the trail, several placards, and earthworks/fortifications remaining.

The trailhead to the Fort Grainger trail is not well-marked at all.  There’s a sign a little over a quarter of a mile away in the park, but nothing at the actual start of the trail.  What you’re looking for is a gravel path towards the back left-hand corner of the park near the bridge and some power lines.  That gravel path leads to a short, but incredibly steep section up to the top of the hill/fort, where a boardwalk and placard exhibits begin.  Some parts of the fort were actually closed when I was there in order to let the grass recover, but the rest was still open to the public.

Although it was a nice little trail on a beautiful day, I can’t say I’d recommend it unless you’re a Civil War history buff or just happen to be in the Franklin, TN area, only because I feel like anyone not really into Civil War history who made a long drive exclusively for this trail would be disappointed that it didn’t have more to offer.

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