Hike #38 of 52 – Harpeth Woods Trail – Edwin Warner Park

The 2.4-mi loop that is Harpeth Woods Trail in Edwin Warner Park is a trail I’ve hiked many times, but since this is the first time in 2017, it counts towards my hiking challenge 🙂  Even though the temperature was in the high 60s (which blows my mind for December), I thought the park would be a little less crowded than normal on a Sunday afternoon due to football, the holiday season, and the increasingly early sunset time.  I was apparently wrong, however, since the first thing I saw upon arrival were cars circling for parking spaces.  I managed to luck out, though, and grabbed one on my first pass.

For a description of my first time hiking this particular trail and pictures of what it looks like in the summer, click here.  Comparatively, in the winter it’s still a very quiet trail – you don’t really hear other people until they’re right on top of you – but you can see much more without the tree cover, meaning as you look up at the people traversing the switchbacks on the hill in front of you, you know exactly what you’re in for.  You also realize in winter how close the trail runs to parts of the paved multi-use trails running through Edwin Warner Park since you can actually see people using them through the trees, making you feel a touch less isolated.

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