Hike #39 of 52 – “The Old Roadway” – Edwin Warner Park

As I’ve mentioned before, the Warner Parks have several miles of paved, multi-use trails running through them, which I’ve only ever traversed parts of in the dark.  My original plan was to trail run a short 2 mile section in part of what is referred to as “The Old Roadway”; however, I took a wrong turn at one point and ended up running/hiking approximately 2.7 miles instead by accident.  The good news is that despite being quite hilly and steep in some sections, the weather was lovely (temperature in the mid-50s) and after a long work week, it was so relaxing to be outside.

There aren’t any trail signs on the paved Warner Parks trails, so I recommend looking at a map beforehand or using a GPS so you don’t go the wrong way like I did.  The people at the Nature Center can also advise you on routes to take.  The paved trails also intersect some of the natural surface single-track trails in several places, so you could technically get creative and create your own paved/natural surface trail hybrid, if you wanted.

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