Hike #40 of 52 – Jim Bailey Nature Trail – Montgomery Bell State Park

Since I began this year’s hiking challenge in Montgomery Bell State Park, it seemed appropriate that I come back as I’m wrapping up both the challenge and the year.  There are actually several trails in the park which I’ve never hiked before, so I had many options.  Ultimately, I decided to take advantage of my limited time in the park to tackle as many trails as possible.  After consulting with maps and the park’s website, I chose to take the Jim Bailey Nature Trail to the Wildcat Trail, and then on to Ore Pit Loop Trail, and after completing the loop, I would return the same way from which I came.  Since they’re three different trails, I’m going to be splitting them up into three different posts for clarity’s sake

The Jim Bailey Nature Trail begins at the Nature Center parking lot and continues into the woods in a semi-circle until it connects a half a mile later to the Wildcat Trail.  There’s one short steep section, but the remainder of the trail is quite easy to navigate.  As a gateway to the Wildcat Trail, it’s a great option, but not something I would necessarily recommend people come to the park specifically to in order to hike since there’s noting particularly unique or outstanding about this nature trail.  *Disclaimer: it’s possible the trail could be more beautiful and/or epic in the spring or summer, but I wouldn’t know.  The Nature Center is closed on the weekends so there was no-one to ask about this.

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