Hike #44 of 52 – Cotton Field Trail – Stones River National Battlefield

Having enjoyed the Battlefield Trail a few weeks prior, I decided to come back out one morning when I was scheduled to work a late shift in order to explore more of the trails.  What I didn’t anticipate, however, is that the nice mild weather we had been experiencing would suddenly vanish and leave us with much colder temperatures.  When I awoke the morning in question, it was only 17°F outside.  Instead of going back to bed, though, I got creative with layering (typically not a whole lot of need for super thick layers in the South) and headed out.

As I mentioned in the Battlefield Trail post, the maps at the Visitor Center are pretty much useless, and though I saw many signs for Cotton Field Trail during my last trip, I couldn’t find anything online about the mileage for the hike, so I used my Hiking Project App, and the final total was 1.1-mi.

Although most of the trail was paved, there was also a short natural surface section.  It was so cold that the ground was frozen and I could hear it crunch with every step I took.  Most of the hike, however, was out in the open, which would have been fine normally, but the wind was brutal.  I’d personally recommend others learn from my experience and save this trail for warmer weather so as not to freeze.

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